Jul 272011

Pop's favoriteA recipe is good for mind, body and soul.

This category in our pied blog, i.e., “Recipes”, is really just a place for me to put stuff in a handy place so I can find it fast. On occasion I’ll add an “endogenous opioid polypeptide compound generator”, which is a weird way of saying the recipe is damn spicy hot. In other words, it is a recipe that fosters the creation of endorphins in our bodies. An endorphin is nature’s way to soothe pain: Caveat cenator.

As with most recipes we run across in our lives, they are based on what others have done, often for generations. The Internet has afforded us many opportunities for creating disasters in our kitchens. In the recipes put here, no blame for ill conceived preparation should be laid at the feet of the “original” creators, but I do attempt to give credit to the sources I use for my successes.

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